New Year’s Blessings


There a lot of blessings that accompanies every year. Starting from January till December from God Himself, Pastors, Bishops, Elders, parents, friends and lovely ones, well wishers, brothers and sisters etc, all proclaim blessing on you in one way or the other. If we observe, starting from January 1st, people make new year pledges, new year resolutions, plans of all kind, confessions of sins, people ensure highly to organize their life  and activities to suit the new year. However, is it everyone that started their life by making changes from the beginning of each year will continue living his life daily transformed? Some will get tired on the way the way and start to live the way they were living before, but if their continue living a new life and walk the way they started the new year, things will change for them and their lives transformed.

On the first a lot of activities takes place, churches hold all night prayer, and some go in the morning to worship God. Other organizations equally hold special prayer and programs to their members. Some go out that day and hand out with friends, make merry and enjoy for seeing new year,  thus, people normally praise God in a special way, thanking Him for preserving their life till the new year, some give special offering to the Lord, and confess their sins to God and for forgiveness. Pastors offer a special prayer and sermon to their members and bless others at large. For instance, quotations from the bible tailored toward blessings like Isaiah 43:1, “But now thus says the Lord that formed you o Israel, fear not; for I have redeemed you, I have called you by my name: you are mine”, reminding them of God’s blessings, charging them not to retain any atom of fear, but ensure their trust in God firmly. While others pick their blessings from the book of Psalms and other books of the bibles, claiming the promises of the Lord and surely believe that those blessing and promises will be their portion.

 A story was told of a woman who begins her year by saying that everything about her life will be new, new cloths, new shoes, now wine, new hair, new make-up, new house, and new things all together. She started this way, but her life was not new and she didn’t even know that it faulty, what comes out of her life is abusive words, hatred, quarrel, and malice, can be easily read from her character. In one’s mind set, questions like these should be asked. Do you think that is by power to enter into a new year? Or by the way I do my good deeds? Or do you think is by your smiling face or because you are special to God? What should be in our inmost souls is God your faithfulness and mercy endures forever and I know that it is you that sure me through.

May today have ignored the signals of God’s blessings; Is it until you own beautiful mansions, luxurious cars, plans ships and many other properties that you will begin to count your blessing and name them one by one. Many have forgotten that good health, safe journeys, preservation of their life and their lovely one’s life, protection from war and robbery, crime, trafficking of life, exam success, good grate, successful program completion, good ideas to do a particular job, etc all are to be attributed to God and all are powerful blessing we need to count one by one and give thanks and praises to God.

Do you know that sharing a story of how God saved you from a serious accident to a friend is a great blessing to him and to you? He will join you and give glory to God for saving your life. It is in the New Year that people do away with old habits and bad life.

It is seen highly that many rejoices in different way, some go out to enjoy and have fun to the bar and drink as they like, while some result to prayer and praise to God. It is on the New Year that people cook special food, eat together and rejoice together with friends and lovely one. Many hold special events, give free gifts and exchange free gift to others while others travel to meet their family members, stay with them, and feel the good atmosphere of the New Year together. Therefore, if people will live their lives in a genuine way, upright, honest, truthful, loving, caring, in a continuous way, life will change and many lives will be touched and transformed.

Am reminding and urging myself and you to continue doing good to people including your family members and wait for the one in heaven to reward us in a special way. Make your year, from its start to the finish, a special one and taking this step will lead others to follow. Ensuring daily to be in agreement with God and love to walk in His ways. Emulate those characters in the bible that walked uprightly with the Lord in keeping His commandments, by walking in purity of heart.

It is to be noted that God’s mind for us is of good and not of evil. He wants everyone to walk in an upright way then His blessing will be our portion. New Year, new life. 


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