A leader is someone whose responsibility is to guide, direct, encourage, role model, impacts and strengthen others who are under his leadership role. However, a leader is someone whose followers learn daily from, emulates, copy from, who exhibits good quality life. the word dictionary defines “a leader to be someone who acts as a guide, a directing heads or chief, someone that leads a body of moving troops, animals, something or someone that holds first place.” According to the writer, we are all leaders, and we are made to in one way or the other play a roll of a leader. This can be seen in every stage we attain in life and the environment we find ourselves in. For instance “Home”, father plays the role of a leader, he fathers everybody in the family including the mother. The individuals play their role in the family which enables success and progress. Thus, the first born of the family is seen as a role model and those at his back emulate him. Apart from the home, leaders exist in different organisations, companies, societies, in the government, institutions, bodies of movements and villages, etc. All these organs are controlled by great leaders who have mission and vision to move things forward. Qualities to be seen in a leader are love, kindness, forgiveness, humility, peace makers, merciful, patience, long suffering etc. Consequently, leaders whose life does not reflect these attributes will exhibit the following corruption, fraud, illegal life, mismanagement, uncontrollable etc. A leader should see himself as not perfect, who sees himself as someone who does not know it all, a leader who will not only show his ability but his availability and capability at all time. A leader who daily develops himself mentally, physically and spiritually, who relies on God and wants His directions as he looks forward to be spiritually and physically feet, a leader who sees possibility in everything that seems as if it is not possible, who is determined to make good things happen, who is capable of encouraging others and lift them up, who will not keep quiet when things are going wrong, passionate at all time, who will not through his education weigh uneducated ones down who will want others to get to the same level with him, who has the heart of giving. A leader should not in any aspect criticise and downgrade others, but rather should criticise constructively not destructive. It is honestly seen that flops in some organisations, like corruption, is due to bad leadership which when traced originated from home or bad influence that passes from one generation to the other. In conclusion, let your leadership reflect positive attributes, that will go a long way to bring progress, success, growth etc. always allow no chance for the devil to prevent you from experiencing change in your life as a leader, and in the life of other, in everything they do. Have a positive life and mindset and play your roll aiming highly to impact positively in the life of others. Remember that, even if others forget about your love and kindness as a leader, God will never forget and will make some of your followers to remember you for good. Be a good leader, it pays.



  1. leadership by example and not to be a figure head. Make your followers happy and glad
    Let them see something good to emulate from you
    Always carry them along
    Work as if your equal with them, and always respect yourself so that they will respect you


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