A lady born in a poor family of Mr. Etimo Egban, was highly rated, regarded and highly loved by her parents who based majorly in farming to raise her up. Olanma as a precious name given to her by her parent’s means precious gold was a beautiful and intelligent girl that every male child would love to have as a wife. Due to Olanmma’s upbringing, she is of know nonsense girl, respectful to all integrity in nature, upright in character and love God the creature of the universe.
In every aspect of her education, starting from the kindergarten till higher institution was noted by her teachers and lecturers as highly intelligent. Her knowledge never for once puffed her up, but rather made her humble as she loves learning and see it as hubby. Apart from that, Olanma helps her friends to know what she knows too and they love her for that. Olanma being the only child, was sponsored in her schooling by a king in that village who has many wives, and his sons and daughters are in abroad. Olanma’s parents always pay the king back by farming for him every year. Immediately Olanma finished her higher institution from a university near a town close to her village, the king proposed to marry her, which she refused. In that village, the culture of the land allows the king of the land including others to marry more than one wife. The king is already having nine wives and wants Olanma to be the tent wife. Her parents were pleased with the offer, but for Olanma, sorrow filed her heart because the king is aged and has many wives and with her education, she has learnt that polygamous family is not the best choice for marriage in our modern world and refused to marry the king.
Olanma knows quite well that she is in love with Obinna whom she grow up with, starting from her childhood, told her parents to allow her marry him. Obinna is from the next village where they used to go for farming and to fetch water in the lake near Obinna’s compound. It was when Obinna came back for a two months leave, that he mates Olanma in the lake fetching water. They were happy seeing each other because is being a long time they’ve not seen each other. Without wasting much time, Obinna made his intentions know to Olanma, that he wants to get married to her, reminding her of their long relationship that has being without any problem. Olanma expressed gladness and embraced him for making a wise decision and made know to him that she has been waiting for this time to come.
Obinna works with a microfinance bank in Anambara State, where he earns peanut money to carter for his family members and himself, while Olanma sows cloths, waits to get a good job as an computer engineer. Olanma’s parents have not given her go ahead to marry Obinna and that weighs her emotions down and one of the major complains of Olanma’s parents was that Obinna is poor and earns little from his banking job, while the king is rich and will take good care of her so much. According to her parent, the king receives money from his children in abroad every month which part of it was spend in her education and lacks nothing. But to Olanma such is not what she wants, as her love is directed toward Obinna and he is the only person that can make her happy.
With the way Olanma has seen the reaction of the king toward her refusing the king to marry her, made a secret plan with Obinna to leave Oboala to Lagos, where the king would not be able to see them together or send his guards to catch them to be punishment or monitor their movements in the village. Olanmas parents were worried over their daughter’s rejection of the king’s hand in marriage, but want the best for her and don’t want her to go through hardship.
Though Olanma has been very obedient to her parents starting from when she was small. But love is something that she is making choice on her own and refused to hurt her emotions, displease herself and please others so far her relationship with Obinna is not having any problem presently. As Olanma and Obinna laid plans on ground to move to Lagos without letting their parents know about it, they equally revealed together on how they will be getting in touch with their parents.
After their plans where successfully carried out and went as they planed, arrived to Lagos, immediately informed their parents of their plans, giving reasons why they did what they did and what they are planning to do, which is to get married together. At first their parents were not happy, but latter expressed joy over such wise decision they took and urge their parent not to reveal this to anybody in the village.
In not less than two to three months, they spend in Lagos, (Ketu Island), Obinna and Olanma got a job, Obinna got a job with an oil company where he was well paid, while Olanma in Justmore Supper market, where she was paid well too. They were together in happiness. The wedding date was fixed and both parents were invited to Lagos for the wedding ceremony.
Olanma’s parent parents were happy when they see that her daughter is living in happiness and they expressed gladness with the kind of development that has taken place in their lives. The two coming together was a thing of joy to the both parents and after the wedding the sad story of the king’s death was revealed to Olanma, who, after hearing the story, could not hold heir tears back from her eyes. She cried bitterly for the king, as she remembered his expression of love towards her family and throughout her school.
Olanma and Obinna’s parents were glad on the decisions taken by them and wished them well, by blessing their marriage.
At the end, it was a dream comes through to Olanma whose four children schooled in abroad and had their masters there. God blessed her with three girls and one boy and she lived happily with her husband Obinna.


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